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Character 20in20 - Round 65 - Peter Quill

20 Peter Quill icons for Round 65 of character20n20.

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Star Lord, man... legendary outlaw?Collapse )
20 Harrison Wells icons for Round 64 of character20n20.
Tom Cavanagh is still impishly handsome and charming even if his character on The Flash is a shady bastard. I should do an Ed rewatch. And so should you.

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TFP Finale

I just finished watching and I liked it. I'm surprised Ratchet stayed behind, it came a bit out of left field to be honest, but I wonder what that will mean for the movie. Maybe Knock Out takes his place? I also liked the stuff with Bumblebee (sans uberdramatic fake death scene). I think I could get behind him as a character now that he actually has a voice and more of a personality. I'm fine with Soundwave's fate as well. (He's not dead at least.) The Wreckers pretty much got the shaft for this episode. Well, it was not perfect, but yeah, I think, I liked the finale overall.

Jul. 26th, 2013

I'm really starting to get psyched up for the Prime finale. I'm both excited and scared. There's only about a day left. (There's a 7-hour timezone difference for me so I'll be sound asleep when the show actually airs but you don't need 3 guesses to figure out what will be the first thing I do in the morning.)

I'm going to the cinema later today to at least partially take my mind off it. We haven't decieded if we should watch The Wolverine or R.I.P.D. yet. R.I.P.D. seems like a fun, summer, popcorn flick, but Wolverine is the first X-Men movie that actually seemed promising to me from the get go. So yeah, I don't know yet.
Allright, I liked this episode. Not particulary smart, but pretty action packed, funny comedic bits, and all around good pacing.

Knock Out had some really amusing lines while Starscream was more competent than usual. I was surprised he didn't bolt during the Predaking/Megatron fight. I mean, he was clearly shitting himself the whole time, so good on him for helping out Megatron.

I'm looking forward to the finale, but the 'Cons are doomed, DOOMED, I say.

TFP - 3x11 - Persuasion

I take it back, last week's Prime was a masterpiece compared to this. The Ratchet/Megatron scenes were solid but otherwise aaauuuggghhh...

Next week's pay-off better be worth it.
A wild freevo appears and talks Transformers Prime.

Some thoughts on the season thus far.
I wasn't a big fan of the first four or so episodes, but things have considerably picked up since Plus One, so I've been enjoying the rest of the season quite a lot. The fossil hunting didn't bother me too much because the episodes itself were fine and it was done with quickly. I still feel like the show as a whole is a bit directionless though. Megatron doesn't really have any master plan or goal in mind most of the time, or when he has, it just doesn't make sense. Thirst was the single best thing ever.

I used to hate Wheeljack, but this season did wonders to the character in my eyes. I legit like him now. I suspect it has to do with Ultra Magnus. Their early antagonistic relationship was much needed fresh air among the general Autobot dullness. UM himself, I liked from the start. He's nowhere near MtMtE Magnus, but I can deal with that.
Smokescreen is still a little twit who annoys me to no end. I despise the kid-appeal, hero-wannabe archtype too much and he manages to hit every single note perfectly on that accord. I'm set in my ways, I can't help it. I do prefer his new paintjob though.
I feel pretty ambivalent about Shokwave. It doesn't matter how often he says 'logical' it still won't make it so. Other than that, he still has a sweet design, I guess?
I don't much care for Predaking either but I like where the story is going with him. Third factions always make things more interesting (pretty sure that's where they're going with it).

3x10 - Minus OneCollapse )

Transformers Prime - 2x18 - New Recruit

I thought Out of the Past was just alright while Hurt was straight up bad, but this episode... oh boy, this episode, let's just say it makes me see the previous two in a whole new light. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

[spoilers ahead...]
The Good
  • Continuity nods, like Airachnid and the various artifacts of doom in the base. Ratchet being pissed at Wheeljack.
  • Bulkhead's situation. I like tension between the Autobots.
  • Parts of Smokescreen's flashback. Namely the prison ship, and Alpha Trion. Nice hints and possible set up for future episodes.
The Bad
  • Another, goddamn kryptonite energon.
  • Miko being Miko.
  • Even Starscream was tiring. I kid you not. His lines felt especially forced and horrible this time around. Too cartoony, I guess?
The Awful
  • Raf hacking the internet. Again. That's hyperbole, but still.
  • Smokescreen. I can already tell that I'm gonna hate him with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

I'm being too harsh, but I really shoudn't be 'cause I still like the show. I just really didn't enjoy this last one.

Icons, Starscream, and a Birthday

[17] TFP Starscream icons

I promised I'd make up for the lack of Starscream in my previous post, so there you go.
This special batch also goes to noirraven who's turning one year older on this fine day. Happy birthday! There will be cake behind the cut.


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Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

I'm feeling mighty fine today. I aced my last exam. Life is wonderful. Also, many thanks to the good people who were rooting for me earlier. I should be back more often from now on.

In other news, I got my first Transformers toy. Yay! I wanted a Prime Soundwave but it wasn't meant to be. It's a long and complicated story involving urges to strangle certain shop assistants,  my uncle's bday party, a rooster,  roller skates, and other mayhem. Trust me, you really don't wanna know. So... I got Wheeljack instead, yup, that douchebag. I'd spit into his face but he's also a very fine toy.